We take the weight (and freight) off your shoulders

Keeping containers moving from coast-to-coast.

Your freight finally made it across the ocean, the hard part is over, right? Not quite. The container drayage process of moving containers off the ports and to their warehouse of choice is filled with complications that make what should be a simple move, a headache inducing process. Whether it’s tolls, congestion, overweight containers, or equipment shortages, it may seem like something is always getting in the way of your container being transported. Whether it’s imports or exports, at Continental Logistics we’ve built our carrier base to insulate your containers from major delays during the drayage process.

Regardless of your container size, temperature requirements or weight we have the necessary options to ensure your cargo is picked up or delivered by established, reputable providers to the correct inland location(s) or your piers with accurate information on time. We currently work with some of the largest beneficial cargo owners, non vessel owning common carrier and freight forwarders in the world to seamlessly provide the most comprehensive and flexible import and export container drayage transportation solutions for customers shipping or receiving international cargo.

Continental Logistics currently provides import and export container drayage services from the following ports:

  • Ports of New York/New Jersey
  • Port of Philadelphia, PA
  • Port of Baltimore, MD
  • Port of Norfolk, VA
  • Port of Charleston, SC
  • Port of Savannah, GA
  • Port of Jacksonville, FL
  • Port of Port Canaveral, FL
  • Port of Miami, FL
  • Port of Houston, TX
  • Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA
  • Port of Oakland, CA

Our carriers always deliver the goods.

Great! You’ve sold enough volume to justify shipping in full truckloads. Now what? Only half the battle is over. You need to find reliable carriers to ship your freight to your customers intact and on-time. That’s where we come in. We handle the leg-work of sourcing carriers, scrutinizing retailer routing-guidelines, and scheduling and tracking shipments. We designed or network of carriers to ensure that we have nationwide coverage for your shipments at all times. No matter the origin or destination, we have local, regional and national, full truckload transportation (FTL) for your products.

  • Perfect for shipments of more than 10 pallets or weighing over 20,000 lbs.
  • Great for high value freight and freight that shouldn’t be mixed with other shipments.
  • Offers more control over less than truckload shipping because the truck only contains your freight.

Solutions for smaller shipments.

The harsh truth is that most of the companies out there are not receiving orders for full truckload quantities. This is especially true in niche industries, such as specialty foods and natural products. Our less than truckload (LTL) service is economical, efficient, traceable, and on-time, no matter the complexities of the trip. By sharing a truck with other freight and sharing transportation costs, your product will be cheaper to ship no matter the location. Our dedicated Logistics Coordinators work in collaboration with our carrier network to service your shipments locally, regionally and nationally, regardless of your commodity.

  • Ideal for shipments under 10 pallets and weighing between 150 lbs. and 20,000 lbs.
  • Your freight will share space on a trailer with other freight heading to stops along the way to your destination.
  • More complex (we handle that for you) than full truckload but also much more cost efficient for smaller shipments.

Making transportation cool again.

Whether your shipment is less than truckload or full truckload volume, we have a temperature controlled transportation solution for you, no matter the temperature requirement. We understand the intricacies of temperature controlled transportation and we know that fluctuations in temperature can affect the quality of food products, or even worse, create serious heath hazards for the end-consumer.

To avoid any quality control issues with your products, our carriers monitor and maintain a consistent temperature through the entire trip by utilizing temperature monitoring devices. Trailer quality can make or break your shipment. Even if the entire trip goes smoothly, one hole in a trailer wall can allow a contaminate to spoil the entire load or one piece of debris in a trailer could result in your load being rejected. Our carriers inspect their trailers for cleanliness and damage before loading to ensure that your products are safe for the entire trip.

  • Frozen transportation
  • Refrigerated transportation
  • Air-conditioned transportation
  • Candy and confectionery transportation


Think outside the truck.

Have you heard? Intermodal transportation is becoming more attractive and more practical than ever. In basic terms, intermodal transportation is a method of shipping that involves multiple modes of transportation, usually with part of the trip being completed by rail. By connecting multiple modes of traditional transportation with drayage, full truckload and rail, Continental Logistics provide solutions that can be the most economical and efficient method for transporting cargo.

Intermodal transportation has a reputation for being slow, unreliable and damage-prone, but this reputation is outdated and in most cases the complete opposite can be true. When compared to over the road transportation, intermodal transportation:

  • Competes with less traffic congestion
  • Has less capacity constraints
  • Does not lead to more damages, as long as product is loaded correctly
  • Can achieve nearly the same transit time
  • Can have lower and less volatile pricing
  • Creates less pollution

In and out in a flash.

We have direct access to something that many transportation companies don’t: warehouses. Whether it’s our own facility or a partner facility, Wwe can match the cross-dock facility to the requirements of the business. we have the capabilities to cross-dock your freight into the warehouse and directly out to its destination. Cross-docking provides you with the ability to quickly move products in-and-out and gives you the flexibility to reconfigure freight before it ships out:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Transloading floor loaded product
  • Breaking down overweight containers
  • Reworking shifted loads

Bypass those time consuming distribution centers.

You can to ship direct to a retail store or distribution center and avoid costly delays for fast-moving products by taking advantage of our Direct Store Delivery (DSD) service. Direct store deliveries are advantageous because they allow you to ship direct to a retail store or distribution center and avoid costly delays for fast-moving products. Direct Store Delivery allows you to have more control and better timing over your deliveries, but also creates more complexities because each store is has different shipping requirements and accessibility. At Continental Logistics, we’ve found that a highly hands-on approach is absolutely necessary for successful DSD projects, so we handle the nitty-gritty details for you to ensure that your products reach store shelves before consumers.

  • Lift gate
  • Scheduling
  • Knowledge of specific stores
  • Route planning and optimization
  • DSD consolidation
  • Multipoint DSD

We’ve got friends in high places.

Continental Logistics has been developing freight consolidation programs in conjunction with major retailers for over 20 years. We save money and time for our clients and their clients by consolidating the freight of multiple vendors before shipping to the retailers’ distribution centers. Depending on the program, you can expect any of the following benefits:

  • Improved delivery performance
  • No/limited detention time penalties at retailer distribution centers
  • No/limited appointment scheduling or coordination into retailer distribution centers.
  • Fixed delivery cost on a per pallet basis to retailer distribution centers.
  • Single delivery point and contact
  • Additional and/or more frequent PO potential

Our Customers' Customers

One of the most important aspects of being a quality partner to our customers is to maintain relationships with their customers—the retailers and distributors that sell their products. We pride ourselves in transparency, and the mentality in which we approach our customer’s work, is one of partnership, rather than of a vendor or customer. Partnerships are synonymous with synergies and strengths, and we want to be just that to our customers—a partner, that contributes to their strengths, which in turn allows our partners to flourish, thrive, and succeed. These are the names we know after serving the retail industry for over 35 years:

Our Customers' Industries

Continental Logistics provides results-based supply chain solutions to our customers, no matter their industry. Our current customer base comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small businesses just getting started, to Fortune 100 manufacturers relying on our consignee relationships in the Northeast and our national carrier relationships. We provide a seamless one-stop shop of Transportation (TL , LTL, Intermodal, Port Drayage), Cross-Dock Services, and Warehousing (through our sister company Tyler Distribution), making the complex logistics industry much easier for our customers to navigate. Here are just some of industries we service most frequently:

Our Network

Our industry affiliates and associations allow us to stay ahead of trends and regulations within the transportation industry, which is no easy task considering with how quickly the industry evolves. This knowledge ensures our clients that we’re compliant with changes that may affect their transportation needs. Our involvement in these associations enables us to pass information on to our clients and maintain our status as the outsourced transportation experts:

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