Join our network of superstar carriers

Why work with Continental Logistics? Because we go beyond connecting carriers with loads. We partner with our carriers to see where they need freight and arrange shipments to optimize their miles. We understand how important it is to get a hold of someone when you need to make a delivery or pickup, so our logistics coordinators serve as your dedicated points of contact. We believe our connections with our carriers are every bit as important as our connections to our clients.

When it comes to sourcing new carriers, we extend a vigorous process of 37 checks to ensure they demonstrate a proven track record of excellence. All of our carriers, no matter how big or small, are screened to ensure that they meet the quality standards we set for all of our vendors. We do this by benchmarking all of our carriers against industry standards as well as each other’s performance, allowing us to leverage and maintain a quality network to do more with less. Here are just some of our carrier screening checkpoints:


Motor Carrier Number (Must be active for at least 1 year)

Active Common Authority (Must be active for at least 1 year)

Carrier Rating Satisfactory

Active Contract Authority


Broker Carrier Agreement

Double Brokering Document

Signed W9

Written Procedures


Certificate of Standard Carrier Alpha Code(SCAC)

Certificates of Insurance:

Auto Liability

Cargo Liability

General Liability

Workers Compensation

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