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transportation management for food productsContinental Logistics is a family owned enterprise providing transportation management for food products.

Our primary focus includes the following vertical markets: consumer-packaged goods, specialty foods, food ingredients, health and personal care products, and alcoholic beverages.

We believe in embracing and utilizing the newest forms of technology and analytics available to streamline and improve the total cost of doing business with our customers. We also believe that we protect hard earned reputations and profit dollars by managing the compliance portions of our customers supply chain and not solely line item transportation charges .

With our proprietary systems integration and transparency we work to be seen and treated by our customers as their transportation department down the hall even if we are actually miles, states or oceans apart from our customers.

Progressive thinking and teamwork are requisite criteria for our employees and vendors so we can continue to work collaboratively and provide the most complete solutions for our customers in an ever changing business environment.

Our culture demonstrates long term partnership, giving back to our professional and local communities as well as treating our employees, vendors and customers with the highest level of integrity and respect.