Wakefern Vendor Portal and Consolidation Program

Wakefern Vendor Portal

How to Ship to Wakefern Foods
…With Ease!

As you may know Wakefern Foods Corp. is the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States with approximately 300 Shop Rite stores operating in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. So, if you want to penetrate the Northeast grocery retail market, our Wakefern Vendor Portal and Consolidation Program could be your ticket.

With a customer like Wakefern you’d better be prepared and know how to do things right!

Continental Logistics is a Wakefern approved vendor that:

  • Boasts preferred carrier status
  • Has established relationships with their personnel
  • Offers extensive knowledge of their receiving facilities as well as their complete guidelines
  • Allows our customer’s access to provide products to Wakefern DC’s with ease!

Wakefern continues to grow its business in a fast paced, competitive grocery environment especially in the specialty food area. So, if you’re interested in Wakefern…you might also be interested in how Continental Logistics Wakefern vendor portal and consolidation program can improve delivery performance to Wakefern DC’s without issue!

LEARN MORE  about how Continental Logistics can maximize efficiency at your facility.

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