Want to Stop Your Customers from Assessing Vendor Compliance Chargebacks?

Within the food and beverage industry, there is a common misconception that vendor compliance chargebacks are an inevitable cost of doing business. Chargebacks can have major financial repercussions and can also lead to negative report cards, loss of shelf-space and decreased SKU purchases. A simple solution for avoiding these costly and often non-negotiable vendor chargebacks is to partner with a vendor compliant logistics provider.

Vendor compliance chargebacks

At Continental Logistics, we’ve succeeded in reducing transportation-related chargebacks for our customers by thoroughly reviewing vendor compliance guides and following Three Key Rules:

1. Use of approved carriers

2. Adherence to proper scheduling procedures

3. On-time arrival for delivery appointments

By following these rules consistently, we’ve gained a reputation of reliability with regional and national retailers. We’ve built our business model around making it easier for you to work with your customers.

If your company is experiencing delivery chargebacks from retailers or distributors, let us spend 10 minutes with you to set the stage in saving thousands.
To get started please visit: continentallogistics.com/contact-us.

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