Our “Be Nice” Policy

Continental Logistics provide Logistics Management for Food and BeverageWithin Continental Logistics (as with most companies) there exists many written SOP’s, best practices, metric guidelines and always progressive pilot programs. However, despite all of this there is one unwritten yet non-negotiable rule for our employees, vendors and the customers we choose to do business with. It’s what we lovingly refer to as our “Be Nice” policy.

In truth, this unwritten policy over reaches how we will treat anyone who interacts with our business regardless of their capacity. From the folks who maintain our office building, to the vendors we align ourselves with, to the customers who allow us to be an extension of their own businesses; we simply require our internal team to be nice to everyone and allow them to have an expectation that they will be treated the same in return. This policy has extended onto forging our culture as an employer, a vendor and as a partner to anyone we are involved with.

We believe it helps to keep smiles on faces and laughter in our office and hopefully just the same outside of our office walls as well.

We realize that any business can be challenging to say the least for us all, we realize and respect that. However, having this unwritten yet non-negotiable policy over reaching everything we touch and become involved with make things just a bit sweeter day in and day out regardless of what we encounter.

So, if this policy sounds like something you or your business appreciate personally, and is important in the partners you keep; we’d love to have you experience just how this policy can feel coupled with all else we can bring along with our logistics service portfolio.

If so, please contact us to talk a bit further!

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