Logistics Management for Food and Beverage Start ups

Continental Logistics provide Logistics Management for Food and BeverageHow does Continental Logistics provide Logistics Management for Food and Beverage Start Up Companies?

The answer to that question (at least in our opinion) is really well!

In fact, the startup segment of the marketplace is very near and dear to our hearts as we have helped numerous start-up companies begin their ventures successfully and continue forward growing with major distributors and retailers. (Here are some of the names we know.)

First of all we don’t see these companies alike other longer established brands…because they’re not. So, we know upfront that typically there can be a lot of questions and we encourage that dialogue. In fact, we often say to our customers (start up or not), that the more that we understand their plan; the more we can be an asset long term.

We also recognize that to get started in any competitive market, especially the food and beverage industries, takes a tremendous amount of time, planning, commitment and money. So, when we engage with clients who are “breaking in” we focus on step by step planning, provide recommendations on best practices from past experiences and focus on their key specific prospective customers to avoid possible issues and added costs.

Frankly, there is no typical “on-boarding” of a start-up company…because each is unique in so many aspects. However, what we know that transcends all start-up companies is drawing on our experience avoids a lot of potential for heartache. Our focus on providing logistics management for food and beverage start-ups helps to successfully take the first shipments (perhaps the most important shipments) from concept to delivery…on time and on budget.

If you’re interested in hearing about some specific examples or gaining additional information about our logistics management services, please reach out to me  Matt Clark at mclark@continentallogistics.com  or John Emelo at jemelo@continentallogistics.com for more details.

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