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Fully invested and dedicated to logistics compliance for specialty foods

Do you focus on product differentiation to facilitate sales in your competitive marketplace? Are you managing your transportation primarily on transportation costs?

If you’ve nodded even slightly while reading those last few lines…Continental is a partner worth talking to further. We can relate, we understand these dynamics and we can help!

We realize there are several hundred thousand freight brokers and transportation management companies throughout North America serving customers across a multitude of broad industries. This said, we are different in our approach to managing transportation for customers by focusing on what we know in the markets we understand.

Our differentiator is specifically centered on ensuring compliance in every aspect to protect the seamless flow of your supply chain, your reputation and ultimately your profit dollars. In strictly adhering to federal regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act, The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and others as well as specifically acting in accordance with the unique requirements of your customers; we assist in managing the total cost of doing business and keeping your business relationships strong, growing and profitable.

We understand that focus on product differentiation with reduced overall transportation costs help grow business in our markets. So, we want to aid you by allowing you to focus on your products and relationships while we manage the total cost of your transportation and logistics compliance for specialty foods.