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Edison, NJ (July 25, 2016) – Continental Logistics announces their new Director of Logistics – Matt Clark. Matt has worked for over 10 years in the logistics, supply chain and transportation management industry in Sales and Operations roles. Since joining Continental Logistics, Matt and his team have been at the forefront of a branding redesign and extended service expansion initiative at Continental Logistics. With this comes a revised brand identity, modernized logo, new website and a host of additional logistics and transportation management services.

In addition to Matt, new hires include additional Logistics Coordinators and Logistics Analysts in order to help support this growth. The Continental Logistics team now has over 100+ years of collective transportation and logistics experience.

Continental will offer their total Transportation Management Services to clients throughout the United States, Canada and to those that need global representation. With an extensive list of clients served, Continental Logistics brings their experience to assist their customers in building new relationships in the most profitable way.

As a Logistics and Transportation Management company, their goal is to aid its customers by allowing them to focus on their products and business relationships while Continental Logistics manages their transportation.

After managing the transportation needs of many of the Port Jersey and Tyler Distribution’s clients since 1983, Continental Logistics now manages numerous customers outside of its corporate network. With a primary focus on markets that includes:
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Specialty Foods
• Food Ingredients
• Health and Personal Care Products
• Alcoholic Beverages

Matt Clark stresses the Continental Logistics philosophy “that by managing the compliance portions of our customers supply chain and not solely line item transportation charges, we protect our client’s hard earned reputations and profit dollars.”

With over 20 years’ experience in Retail and Vendor Consolidation behind them, Continental Logistics understands the coordination necessary and can provide accurate reporting at just a moment’s notice. “We have proven that hard dollars can be saved and efficiency gained at the same time with our managed consolidation programs. This is an existing and active part of our daily managed business.” states Clark.

Continental Logistics extensive list of services in the United States, Canada and globally includes:
• Import / Export Drayage
• Less than Truckload “LTL”
• Full Truckload “FTL”
• Intermodal Transportation
• Project Management
• Cross Dock Transportation
• Retail / Vendor Consolidation

They know the “ins and outs” of their specialty markets, and use that knowledge for their client’s advancement in supply chain management.

About Port Jersey:
Port Jersey Logistics offers supply chain solutions via Tyler Distribution and Continental Logistics. Tyler Distribution is the warehousing division with several locations in NJ and all of the facilities hold extensive food-grade certifications. More information about the warehouses can be found at www.tylerdistribution.com. With a strong focus on unique markets such as consumer-packed goods, specialty foods, food ingredients as well as personal health and beauty products, Continental Logistics provides complete transportation management solutions. More details about Continental Logistics are available at www.continentallogistics.com. For more info about our corporate headquarters, please visit www.portjersey.com. Port Jersey can be reached at 800-355-1009.


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