Intermodal Freight Transportation and Containerization Lead Topic at Port Industry Day!

Members from Continental Logistics and Port Jersey attended Port Industry Day.

This annual event is hosted by the Port Authority of NY/NJ and serves as a forum for the NY/NJ port community to network together as well as allow insight for all attendees on the quasi “State of the Union” address directly from the Port Authority of NY/NJ.

This year the focus of the event was centered on looking backwards at the evolution of intermodal freight transportation and containerization, which evolved from our own NJ port beginning in 1956, as well as a focus on challenges that lie upon us currently within our ports and how we collectively will work together to overcome all challenges in the days ahead.

A number of esteemed members of the port community comprised a panel of individuals with direct involvement of containerization from inception within the NY/NJ ports. Their insight and individual presentations were tremendously intriguing to the attending audience and illustrated the immense change that took place to institute Malcom McLean’s vision of intermodal transportation via containerization.
That panel was followed by yet another esteemed group of individuals currently working daily with involvement at our NY/NJ ports who outlined current challenges as well as possible pitfalls and solutions of our immediate and longer term future within the NY/NJ port community. Finally, an address was provided by Molly Campbell, Port Director of NY/NJ which outlined the developments made within the last 12 months as well as the enhanced planning for the next 12 months and beyond. This event was concluded with a networking luncheon followed by a trip to Ellis Island and/or The Statue of Liberty.

Ultimately, this event provided gainful insight for our Port Jersey Logistics representatives as well as all attending members on where we’ve evolved from as a port community, the challenges being recognized that lie amongst us today and the solutions being implemented to overcome all obstacles in the days ahead for all parties involved.

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