How to reduce shipping costs to Wakefern

Do you find yourself asking how to reduce shipping costs
to Wakefern?

Put the power of Continental Logistics to work for you with our
WAKEFERN APPROVED Retail and Vendor Consolidation Program.

Key Program Features and Benefits:

  •  No Detention Time Penalties from Wakefern DC’s
  •  No Appointment Scheduling or Coordination into Wakefern DC’s
  •  Fixed Delivery Cost on a Per Pallet Basis to Wakefern DC’s
  •  Single Delivery Point & Contact
  •  Additional and/or More Frequent PO Potential
  •  Improved Delivery Performance

After having done business directly and indirectly with Wakefern for over 30 years; Continental Logistics boasts preferred carrier status with Wakefern Foods Corp. Our established relationships with Wakefern personnel, extensive knowledge of their receiving facilities, as well as their compliance guidelines allow our customer’s to provide products to Wakefern with ease!

To discuss the program and your transportation management needs, contact:

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