Have You Considered Using Intermodal Freight Transportation?

Are you transporting goods by full truckload over the road?
If so, have you considered using intermodal freight transportation instead?

With current carrier capacity constraints and the fast approaching ELD rule, intermodal transportation is becoming more attractive and more practical than ever. In basic terms, intermodal transportation is a method of shipping that involves multiple modes of transportation, usually with part of the trip being completed by rail. Intermodal transportation has a reputation for being slow, unreliable and damage-prone, but this reputation is outdated and in most cases the complete opposite can be true.

When compared to over the road transportation, intermodal transportation:

  • Competes with less traffic congestion
  • Has less capacity constraints
  • Does not lead to more damages, as long as product is loaded correctly
  • Can achieve nearly the same transit time
  • Can have lower and less volatile pricing
  • Creates less pollution

In 2018, the demand for over the road transportation is expected to grow which will greatly limit capacity and increase pricing. To control costs while not jeopardizing services, intermodal transportation is a very viable solution. At Continental Logistics, we’ve expanded our intermodal service offerings to meet the forecasted increase in demand.

With intermodal transportation expected to become an even more effective and desirable option in the future, we have positioned ourselves and our clients to be ahead of the curve. If you’ve experienced issues with over-the-road shipments and would like to re-assess your options, call us today to discuss the possibility of using intermodal freight transportation for your next shipment.

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